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Califur Con Report

I'm being a geek again. I'm writing this on I-40 just west of Gallup, NM.

Califur was a success again. It's small. It's relaxing. I felt like I helped out by providing a good staff feed which carried over into con suite. My contribution this year was the addition of chili con carne and nacho cheese. Oh yeah. Furries + cheese = happy furries.

I spent way too much time in the staff lounge, but I did manage to get out and socialize. We did have room parties and they were well attended and enjoyed.

I only suited a couple of times, but the good news was that I was asked to lead the fursuit parade! Whoot! I think I ticked off a few suiters, however, because we actually started ON TIME! We ended up with just shy of 50 suiters which still makes the attendance about 10% of the whole con. After the parade I was quickly "arrested" and put in "jail." People could issue warrants for your arrest (since the theme was "Villains"). As far as I know I was the only suiter arrested during the con. *lol* Of course I played along. I think my crime was picnic basket theft and trout harassment.

I also tried to squick as many people as possible by wearing an open-faced Daisy Duck costume one night. Many of the young furs were squicked, but some of the chubby-chaser/gainer/etc crowd got turned on by my large squishy belly. I'm sure pics will be posted soon.

So thanks to everyone who hung out and/or chatted with me. Big thanks to Al and Dex for putting us up in their Domain last night. Hugs to the crowd that joined us for the after-con dinner at Wood Ranch.
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