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Little Dog Found

A few weeks ago I mentioned to Kitty that we should think about getting another puppy. Anubis is now 13 and is becoming an old mandog. We still go for walkies on most evenings, but he's very slow and some days you can tell that he's not enjoying himself. If we got a puppy it could act as a companion for him as well as he acting as a mentor to the new puppy. It was just a thought.

Yesterday I went on walkies without Anubis. Thunderstorms were building over the city and I wanted a little alone time to look for new wildflowers. As I got to the farthest point in the walk I heard a dog bark. That's not unusual. People bring their dogs up there all of the time for walkies. I heard the bark again. Now I was a bit concerned since there were no other people to be seen nor any cars parked nearby. I decided to investigate. By 2 old mattresses I saw a dog. I approached slowly and checked it out. It did not respond when I called. It just stood there panting. It had a collar, but I didn't see any tags. Since it gave me no clue to its disposition, I decided to just leave it and drive back up with some water.

I started to walk away but I was pulled back. I needed to make sure it was alright and that I was 100% sure it didn't have tags. I approached again and kneeled down on the old mattress. I let it sniff my hand and gave it a quick pet. The tail started wagging furiously. ok. So far so good. I checked its collar and saw no tags. I petted it some more and it sort of rolled over. ok. It's a male. I didn't see any cajones so I assumed it was neutered. It had to be someone's dog. I tried to coax it to me, but it was just too afraid. I decided to fall back to my original plan and go get some water for him. It was very sunny and temps were around 80. Off I went. I made it about 100 yards when I heard something in back of me. He was following me! I gave it words of encouragement and kept walking. It followed me all of the way home.

In the yard I gave it some water and a bowl of Anubis' food. Anubis didn't seem to mind the visitor. After awhile it was starving for attention. Kitty and I gave it lots of pets and hugs. It couldn't get enough! I also discovered when he flipped on his back for belly rubs that it was not neutered but his cajones hadn't dropped yet. It was still a puppy! He's almost as big as Anubis and has huge paws. I think he's a retriever/shepherd mix. He's a real sweetheart and we've decided that if no one claims him in a week, we'll keep him. We've already given him a name, Mesa.

We have concluded that he either (A)escaped from a yard, (B) ran away while someone was walking him on the mesa (people like to "walk" their dogs by kicking them out of the car and driving while the dog chases after the car) or (C)he was dumped up on the mesa. If the answer is C I am extremely pissed. That is cruel beyond belief. There is no water to be found anywhere near the area unless he would have wandered into a residential neighborhood about 1/2 mile away. We'll put up some flyers and see what happens. Until then he'll have a nice yard to play in, food, water, and lots of pets and hugs.

BTW, he reminds me a lot of semjay's fursona. *lol*
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