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Weekend Recap

A potpourri post for a Monday.

Kitty just took Mesa to the vet to see if he had been chipped. Nope. The vet said that we have 30 days before we can consider him ours. Notices have been posted in public places (vet's office and dog park) as well as on the Internet. He has been given a rabies shot and is good to go for now. I was right about his age. He's 6-9 months old. The vet said that he was most likely abandoned. He has been seeing quite a lot of that lately. (Grrrrrrr!) The pup is already 45 lbs and will likely top out at around 90! Yikes! I was right about him having shepherd in him, but the vet seemed to think he has more rottie than retriever in him. That's ok. Rotties are very loyal dogs and mutts make the best friends (glances over at perro to see if he agrees *grins*). We have pretty much decided that we will keep him if he goes unclaimed. Last night showed me, however, the long road ahead in training. About 1 a.m. I heard crunching outside. Mesa decided to chew up the styrofoam cover that protected the outside faucet. This morning I found the broom in the middle of the yard. *facepaws* I remember Anubis going through this phase as a puppy when he stripped branches off of my citrus trees and tore the laundry off of the clothesline. We'll have to keep him occupied with lots of chew toys.

Right now he also has a rather annoying habit. I know it's common canine behavior to show submission by rolling on the back and even releasing some urine. Well, Mesa likes to roll over and shoot a stream of pee everywhere. thipher_84 got nailed last night. I have had a few near-misses. Hopefully he'll realize that he doesn't have to be THAT subby. I had thought about changing his name to Bucky after Buckingham Fountain in Chicago. The other choice was Wayne as in the band Fountains of Wayne. *lol*

In other news it appears we have a fursuiting gig lined up for the Sunday of Albu-FUR-que weekend (Jun 17). Kitty called the Sandia Tramway and we will be welcomed to suit! Tickets for the tram will be $10. You must RSVP if you want to go along and if you will be suiting. The ski lift on the other side might not be possible, but we'll check it out when we get there. There should be plenty of photo ops on the Sandia summit.

On Sunday we took a trip to the Albuquerque Museum to see an exhibit on Billy the Kid. It's quite amazing how he went from outlaw to legend of the West. The 1st half of the exhibit dealt with the actual facts behind his crimes and death near Ft. Sumner NM. The 2nd half dealt with the popularization of his life story in all sorts of media from comic books to dime-store novels to movies up to and including "Young Guns." Some comic books were pretty funny in that they portrayed Billy as an anthropomorphic critter.

My naturalist interests in all of the flora and fauna on the mesa was fed over the weekend with the discovery of an unusual avian visitor. I heard a different bird call and quickly went to the window to investigate. I was pleasantly surprised to see that a northern oriole had paid a visit to my backyard tree. I was able to get a good pic of him since he was only about 3 feet from the window.

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