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Puppy Update

Mesa is slowly becoming one of the family. I'd love to be able to let him in the house, but not until he gets a good flea bath and he gets over his annoying peeing habit when he gets all excited. He wasn't too destructive last night. Only one cheap plastic flower pot got chewed up. He'll hopefully have a rawhide today to take care of those gnawing needs. We took him for a walk around the neighborhood last night. He does very well on a leash. We have received a few inquiries about him, but people are just plain stupid. There's a nice pic on the poster and on the Internet, yet people have responded to ask if he's a black lab or if he has black spots. Ummm...look at the pic!!! I wish I could spend more time with him to get him more used to his surroundings. We have started rudimentary training and he seems to be pretty responsive. The nice thing about omega dogs is that they're always willing to please. The only downside is that it makes them very needy. *shrugs* So far so good.
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