Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Mesa continues to settle in. He is becoming more at-home with his surroundings, and I hope he is feeling like one of the pack. He even went for his first walkies up on the mesa since I found him on Saturday. Anubis and I headed out without him and he just bounded over the fence to join us. Great. I'm going to have to beef up the barrier again to keep him in the yard. He did very well on leash and I even let him off leash for part of the trip. As I mentioned he wants to be part of the pack so that means he has to stay with Anubis and myself.

I have to keep reminding myself that he's just a puppy, and I will go through all of the same crap I had to go through with Anubis. Since he's settling in he's also getting more comfortable in exploring and being mischievous. He snuck into the garden and trampled a few plants. He also bit the top off of a plant that my sister had given me a few weeks ago. We gave him a rawhide chew and he promptly carried it off under a large juniper bush to bury. I also found his leash under the bush. We also bought him a nice chew toy which disappeared overnight. Anybody wanna bet that it's buried under the juniper bush? *facepaws*

I have this urge to smack him when he's bad, but I am not catching him in the act, so that would be futile. This morning I was going to wring his neck for running around the garden but he threw himself at my feet and gave me such a look of complete and utter love. His tail was wagging a mile a minute and you could just see the admiration in his eyes. I gave him a belly rub and went off to work. I was strict with Anubis when he was a puppy. I abused him during his training because I have such a short temper. The frustration boiled over after days of training and the same bad behavior was repeated. I'll try not to make the same mistake with Mesa. He's going to be a handful, but hopefully he'll settle in and be a great companion like Anubis turned out to be over the past 13 years. Mesa will get a big test this weekend since I'll probably take him camping. It's a big risk, but this trip has been planned for weeks and I don't want to just leave him alone for 2 days. I'm hoping his pack instinct will keep him close and he won't do something stupid like chew through his tether and run off.

BTW, I'll keep making update posts here in my LJ. I refuse to do the lame thing and create an LJ for the dog.
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