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Kitty is off to NYC for the long weekend. I dropped her off at the airport this morning. I'm a bachelor for 4 days! Stop by for some yiff! *lol*

I'll probably be going camping with ari_foxy and thipher_84 this weekend. It'll probably be for just Saturday night since I have to be back in ABQ Monday morning for a conference call. Yes, the river still flows on holidays.

Mesa was a good dog last night. Nothing was chewed up and he stayed out of the garden. If I give him a flea bath I might start letting him in the house so he can feel more like one of the pack.

Our division gave the division boss a birthday party yesterday. It was right out of scene from "Office Space" when everyone wished happy birthday to Lumburgh. I kept making jokes about "Now, Milton! Just pass!" as cake was handed out. The division secretary was the one who put the party together. She had asked for donations a few days earlier. I felt bad for her so I donated a couple of bucks. A couple of co-workers came into my office and joked that they also planned on contributing. They said they had about 30 cents between them. Wow. I had no idea how much everyone in the division dislikes the boss.

I had been tasked to put together a study for a meeting in Durango in a few weeks. I happily accepted because it was an interesting study and I had done a similar study several years ago. My findings were somewhat controversial, however, and so the study was shelved. One of the managers tried getting his paws into it, but I pushed him back. Geez. For the first time in a long while I finally had something interesting to work on and they try to snatch it from me. It turns out that the day of the meeting there is another meeting with a pueblo north of ABQ. I was told I would present my accounting for their little reservoir at that meeting. That would mean no Durango for me. Someone else would present my data. Pardon my French, but FUCK THAT! It turns out the Durango meeting is not until the next morning, so I will drive up to the pueblo meeting in the afternoon and then head across the state to Durango. It will be a long day, but I will not have my work pulled out from under me. The boss was and is famous for pulling this type of crap. Yes, she's going to this meeting too. A co-worker left this office specifically because he was asked to do all sorts of work only to have the boss take credit for it down the line. That ain't gonna happen with me.

And now off to work on the study.
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