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Home Improvement

Yesterday began the first of several major home improvement projects at Fur Central. When I moved in 8 years ago I noticed the front door was showing signs of wear i.e. there was a hairline crack in the wood. Over the years the crack has gotten a little bigger and new ones have appeared. It's a south-facing door so it catches the brutal NM sun. After much hemming and hawing I finally decided to bite the bullet and have it replaced. The contract was signed and I just had to wait my turn in line. Finally yesterday the workmen showed up and I now have a nice new steel door. It looks great! It will also have a screened storm door so we can enjoy nice cross-ventilation which had been lacking. The latch on the old door was also wearing which made locking it a major pain, especially for Kitty. No more! The new door locks securely. The storm door also has a lock. While I was a bit unsure that the deadbolt would not be enough security, I was guaranteed by the manufacturer that there was no way anyone could forcibly open the door due to its construction. It certainly will be more secure than the crappy wood door.

I also decided to go ahead and sign a contract for a complete kitchen remodel. I only got 2 out of 3 bids requested, but I trust this guy and I like his products. It will cost about $25k, but it will open up the kitchen tremendously and add a ton of storage space. I'm also not too concerned with spending that much considering that the house has gained about $100K in equity since I bought it. If I have the cash on paw next year, we'll tackle the yard. I'm glad we decided to wait a year especially with the new puppy. I may go ahead and get a new back wall, however, to keep the puppy from escaping the yard. He seems pretty content to be where he is, though.
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