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RMFC, The Brief Con Report

Kitty, Ari, and I got back from Denver yesterday evening. Let me just say that Rocky Mountain Fur Con was the most fun I have had at a con in quite some time. The shear number of pictures taken said it all. Normally I get around a dozen shots at a con. The camera had just under 200 pics when I downloaded them last night. Granted, most were from fursuiting around town, but that also says it all. This con is a fursuiter's dream! Well, unless you're one of those who buys/makes an expensive suit to show off in the friendly confines of a hotel. But if you're like me and love to get out into the public to interact with folks, then this is definitely the con for you!

On Saturday a group of around 7 of us hit the People's Fair across the street. OMG! Fun! The sun was pretty intense, but there was a nice breeze. After about an hour, however, most of us were ready to head on back to the hotel. We were very well received. At one point I went over to a music stage where a performer was playing her guitar and singing a fairly slow song. I started dancing. Soon the other suiters joined me. Parents started bringing their kids over. The performer started playing peppier tunes. Soon we had the little dance floor packed with kids. I could sense that the performer got completely energized! She started playing and singing like she was in a packed house. It was wonderful!

We posed for lots of pics and passed out lots of hugs. I'll be posting the pics in a day or 2.

The fursuit parade later that afternoon was one for the record books. There were only 20 of us, but we took the parade to the 16th St Mall which was packed with people! Wow! I'll never be able to walk through a con hotel again and think a fursuit parade is fun. THIS is what a fursuit parade should be all about! I know some people barely survived last year's AC "Fursuit Death March," but I would certainly love to see more fursuit parades like this one. We then spent a good deal of time in front of Denver's World Trade Center (across from the hotel) posing for pics with the public.

On Sunday Ari borrowed one of Nevermint's suits and he and I headed off to the Convention Center to grab some fursuiting pics. You see, there is a giant 50' blue bear sculpture there. Many thanks to Uncle Kage for telling me about it. We got some pics and then headed on back to the hotel for good-byes.

It was a small con. I heard they finally broke the 200 mark by Sunday. There were less than 10 dealers in the dealers' den. Many panels were canceled or were simply run by whomever wanted to. I heard the Masquerade was extremely short. But you know what? This was about as perfect a con as I have been to! I got to hang out with friends. I did some awesome fursuiting. There was no shortage of places to eat. I got to meet new people. It was all-in-all a good time. My only complaint was that my room was probably next to a bunch of Christians who were there for another conference and my room party got shut down by hotel security. Also, right now the con is like a BB in a boxcar. Like Kage told me the facility would be more appropriate for a con the size of FC or MFF. I would agree, but on the other paw there is now a LOT of room for this con to grow. Here's to next year *raises glass* and hopefully double the attendance! Cheers and kudos to all of those who pulled it all together.

Pics to be posted by Wed since I will be out of town later today and tomorrow for a meeting.
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