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Rocky Mountain FurCon...The pics!

I'll probably have to post a few of these to the fursuitlounge community as well. As you can hopefully tell from the pics, I had an absolute BLAST fursuiting in Denver. I'll definitely be back next year to warp the minds of the locals a little bit.

Let this pic whet your appetite.

Hey! One of us ain't a fursuiter!

City Hall and the People's Fair

Just before our trip to the fair

Photo shoot at the end of the fursuit parade

Indoor photo shoot with the con charity

Suiters with the GOH, Dark Natasha

Do you think I would look sexy in this?

Yeah! Right! *snickers*

Boy! Denver really is a cow town

Bear and puppy ride the bus

The ladies dig da bear!

Hey! Let me in! I brought my muscle with me!

Say hello to my "little" blue friend

Nevada tries to become a suppository.

You gotta love a city that loves bears as much as Denver

Dogs and Cats! Living together! Mass hysteria!

Con goer tries to take away a bear's beer. Con goer is never heard from again.

Freesia on the streets of Denver

Unfortunately Freesia left her tutu at home

Nope. Nothing kinky or unusual going on here.

OK. I can't say the same thing here ;oP
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