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Connections Lost, Connections Made

My cable Internet connection went kablooey again. *sigh* I only had a few chats going at the time, but it always pisses me off to leave people hanging there with no idea WTF happened. So to those I was chatting with....sorry. *heavy sigh* Before the connection was lost I managed to steer my friend-ship that I had mentioned yesterday away from stormy seas and into calm waters. *smiles* That really made my evening. It was also "Hey! Let's get drunk!" night. I don't know why I feel the need to get sloshed. Maybe it just puts me in the right mood to let myself go online. Maybe being surrounded by furiends makes it feel like a party. Maybe I just wanted to numb my brain. *shrugs*

An apology to albear for waking him up last night. He had decided to hibernate early. I guess it's payback for doing that to me the night before. *grin*

I hope to see many of you online tonight. If not, you know my connection was really hosed.
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