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Pet news

One of our pets is missing. Fuzzles, the cat we adopted from thipher_84 has gone missing. We came home from Mesa Verde on Sunday and he ran out the door while we were unloading. That's no big deal. He has been outside at night before. I actually thought he came inside Monday morning when I opened the door at 3 a.m. to let Mesa outside to do his business, and a cat ran inside. Obviously it was Skookum who ran in. We have been joking that Skooks probably paid a coyote to get rid of the new cat. She has been nothing but love and purrs since Monday. Hopefully he will return. He does have a tag with our phone # on it. We just don't know how "street smart" he is.

Mesa is being a typical puppy, going from moments of pure love to moments of utter destruction in a matter of minutes. I had successfully protected the garden from quail, but my barriers are no match for a rambunctious puppy. He has also taken to jumping over the fence and running around in back of the house. I'll need to construct some sort of puppy-proof barrier. He's been very good at night at least. He sleeps through the night right below me on the floor. If he hears me wake up during the night there is a deafening *thump thump thump* as his tail starts going. One more week and we will declare him officially ours. Then it's off to the vet to be tutored. *lol*

In human news Kitty and I took in another Isotopes game last night. It was an absolutely gorgeous night for a ball game. We came prepared for bad weather, but it was not needed. The Isotopes spanked the Oklahoma Redhawks. We got to see a grand slam homer as well. The park was as empty as I have ever seen with less than 5,000 tickets sold. We ended up with seats in the first row. Only one foul ball came our way, but it landed several rows back. The only bad thing about the game was the Italian sausage I ate at the start of the game. After the 7th inning all the way until this morning I have been doing the "green-apple 2-step." I feel like I should just move my computer to the bathroom.
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