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Natural History Update

It looks like I haven't written about what's going on on top of the mesa in a few weeks. Here's a brief update. Most of the wildflowers are done for the season. There still are a few diehard scorpionweeds, spectacle pods, and phlox still blooming, but not very many. I finally identified a yellow flower that had no petals. It should have been easy since it was very distinct and found all over the place. It's Hopi/Navajo tea. You can supposedly make a medicinal drink from the plant, but I don't really have a desire to try it. The most common flower at the moment seems to be the silver leaf nightshade. The globe mallow is also still blooming. I noticed a few specimens of some unknown plants that were blooming nicely over the past few days. I need to get my guidebooks out to figure out what they are.

I haven't seen too many reptiles as of late. I have seen a couple of coyotes over the past few weeks. There are still lots of jackrabbits and cottontails, but not as many as earlier in the Spring. I spooked a covey of quail the other day and there seemed to be a lot of young chicks in the brood.

That's about it. I need to make a post to abq_west_mesa about the development progress. There are now 8-10 homes going up. More paving is going on and there were several dozen belly-dump trucks bringing dirt into the project last week. I have no idea what that was for. Paseo del Norte also seems to be progressing rapidly. I need to take a walk over there to see how far along they are.
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