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Albu-FUR-que V Report

In 2003 I had a simple idea: Bring together the furs from the Land of Entrapment Enchantment for a furmeet. I ended up with 6 furs. The following year I tried again. I think I may have gotten 8. In 2005 attendance doubled to 16! Last year 23 furs showed up. This year...34! *dances excitedly* The number could have easily broken the 40 mark except for some last-minute cancellations. It does this old bear's heart good to have furs from other states make the trek just to hang out with Kitty and myself. This year Utah was well-represented with 3 of its residents including tugsie, his mate, and chaysefox.

The furmeet took on the characteristics of previous meets. There was video gaming in the guest room, Guitar Hero on the patio, furry flicks on the big screen in the living room, and assorted other gaming taking place in the loft. I cooked up hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill while sporting my new "Yiff the Cook" apron. People were very generous in providing snacks and desserts. An entire Costco cake that Kitty got to celebrate all of the June birthdays remained untouched since everyone was stuffed.

I'd say that my classic moment was when Kitty dared me to play Guitar Hero while dressed as Daisy Duck. Never make that bet with the bear! She now has dish duty for a month. Mwaa haa haa! Oh yes! Pics to come tomorrow!

On Sunday tenax suited up in Ralph, I loaned leo_tiger my cheap costume shop tiger suit, and I put on Sabot. We then hit the Sandia tramway which took us to the top of the Sandia Mts. A good number of unsuited furs joined us for the ride. We didn't stay long on the summit, but the weather on top was PERFECT for suiting. We had hoped for lots of families since it was Father's Day, but there were relatively few folks up there. *shrugs* So there is another local landmark that has been suited!

After returning to Fur Central we grilled up some of the remaining meat from the previous night and had lunch. Soon Kitty and I had the place back to ourselves. I crashed HARD on the bed while Kitty entertained some last-minute guests. That night we hit up an Isotopes game and invited chaysefox along since he was still in town. Good game! And there were 2 Orbits! Well, it was supposed to be Orbit and his dad, Orville.

So here's to another successful furmeet! Hopefully we can get a few more attendees next year! And as already mentioned, pics will be forthcoming.
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