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Welcome to the Family

A month ago I made a post about finding a puppy up on the mesa while I was up there taking a walk. We put up "Found" posters at the local dog park and the nearby vet's office. I posted his pic to the Internet on the local lost/found pet site. We got a rabies shot for him just to be safe. Then we waited to see if anyone would claim him.

We had a couple of inquiries the first few days, but the descriptions were way off and/or they were from Santa Fe. After that there was nothing. We had tentatively named him Mesa which is actually a pretty good dog name. It's easy to say and the dog responds to it.

Over the month he has chewed up several flower pots. He has trampled the garden. He escaped the yard and carried back a bag of the neighbor's recycling. He has pissed all over the patio. He has a habit of stealing the outside sensor for my weather station. And after all of this, we still love the little guy.

In the past month Mesa has made great progress in becoming a good dog. For the most part he doesn't spray pee all over the place when he first greets you. He now has inside privileges and spends the night with us in the bedroom. Just today he was allowed bed privileges. He still likes to chew up stuff outside, but he now has toys to keep him occupied. He occasionally gets into the garden, but the plants are bigger now so it's a little harder to trample them. I'll just have to work on a better dog barrier. He can still easily jump over the yard fence, but he knows which house is his. I think he is quite satisfied being where he is.

So today we are officially adopting Mesa as one of the family. He gets a visit to the vet to get snipped and chipped. There is a local ordinance that unless you have a breeder's license, you pet must be spayed or neutered. I think it's a good idea. There are just way too many kitties and puppies out there as well as owners who just don't give a damn. Not us. We hope for many happy years with this cutie.
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