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An Early AC Post

Kitty and I are planning our "big dinner out" for Thursday night (7/5). Why so early? Well, mainly because our roommates albear and dexter_fox will be leaving on Sunday night. We won't be leaving until Monday morning. We figured not much will be going on Thursday night, so that's when it will be! We'll be going to Buca di Beppo near the incline railway about 1 mile to the south of the hotel. I plan on walking this year, but you can also take the subway which is a couple of blocks from the hotel that will dump you off a couple of blocks from the restaurant. We had a nice group last year. Let carol_kitty or myself know if you want to go!

All 4 of us will be arriving on July 4 on Amtrak from NYC. Hopefully we'll get there in time to watch the fireworks that night. Does anybody know if we have access to the Convention Center roof on Wednesday? I recommend it highly to go up there in the evenings during the con. You get an absolutely incredible view of the city. swift_fox might even have his telescopes set up for the astro furs.

I was going to post a map of downtown Pittsburgh that also has some of the local restaurants marked on it, but I see that the gov't has once again messed with my Internets! I can no longer access sites where photos are stored. That includes my own LJ scrapbook. *facepaws* I suppose I can edit this post on my laptop and include it later. If the place still exists I recommend people hit Crystal's bar about 2-3 blocks east of the hotel. Last year they had a "Welcome Furries!" sign by their door. We stopped in for a drink, and it was a nice place. We're pretty sure it was a gay bar which just added to the experience. Just by chance they had "Lady and the Tramp" on the t.v. at the time. It was one of those perfect furry moments. BTW, the sushi bar a few doors down was pretty good as well. Like many businesses in the area, we hit them hard and pushed their staff to the breaking point trying to feed so many hungry muzzles.
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