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A light happy post for a Sunday. *lol*

Yesterday I watched a bit of "Deep Impact" on TNT. You remember the flick. A giant asteroid is about to end all life on Earth. The movie came out during the revival of the mega-disaster movie like "Armageddon," "Volcano," "Dante's Peak," "Twister" etc etc. I have always said that the way I want to check out of the world is in a world-destroying cataclysm. Even if it's just Vogons making way for the new Inter-galactic thruway. It would be nice to know in advance that the end was coming. I would find a nice quiet place, consume many martinis, listen to some jazz, and wait for the end to come. One of the greatest fears a person faces when confronted with death is that their life had no meaning. There was some task not done. There were words left unsaid. Perhaps since I'm approaching the infamous mid-life crisis, these questions have been popping up more and more in my noggin. But if there was a planet-destroying event about to happen, those worrisome thoughts wouldn't be there. Because not only would my life have been a complete waste of time, but the entire history of man would have been as well. From the first person who stood erect and made tools to the physicist working out the Grand Unification Theory. It would have all been for nothing. And I would sip my martini and chuckle inside at the irony of it all.
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