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Love Shack

Thanks to everyone who had fun with yesterday's post. I know I sure did! It's good to see so many folks with a sense of humor.

But seriously! If you want to buy me stuff...please do! ;oP

Speaking of fun...Last night Kitty and I had a great time. The B-52's came to town and played at one of the local casinos. Wow! 9th row center! The show was a bit short, clocking in at just under 90 minutes, but it was fun! They opened with "Mesopotamia" and did their classics like "Private Idaho," "Roam," "Love Shack," and "Planet Claire." They also did a few new numbers which are supposedly for an upcoming release. Kitty and I rushed the stage for "Rock Lobster" which turned out to be their last song. It was so cool being less than 20' away from Fred and Kate. They did pretty damn good for being in their late 50's.

I should also note that the Sandia Casino amphitheater is a darn nice venue! Each casino in the area is focusing on a different area of entertainment. This casino is pulling in the "big" named acts. As far as I'm concerned, they're getting better acts that the Journal Pavilion which is supposed to be ABQ's premiere concert venue. I want to get tickets to next month's KD Lang / Lyle Lovett concert and Kitty wants to see Pat Benatar. Yeah. We're old. *laughs*
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