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If I Can Make It There...

Tomorrow Kitty and I will be winging our way out to the Big Apple where we'll hook up with albear and dexter_fox. On Wednesday we'll be chugging our way to Pittsburgh on Amtrak for AC. Thursday night is our "big dinner out" at Buca di Beppo. I think we're in the 20-30 range right now for attendees. After dinner I hope to hit up the furry musical which is debuting at a local theater. It seems that a local writer saw our antics last year and thought it was great. Details can be found HERE.

We hope to meet up with some NY furs while we're out there. If any of you want to hang out and do stuff on Sun/Mon/Tue, just let us know. We will be seeing "Spamalot" on Sunday afternoon. Yay! An actual Broadway musical! *bounces excitedly* I know I'm going to be buying a new digital camera as well. I'm taking the plunge and getting a digital SLR. 10 megapixels, baby! My little Fuji has bit the dust after 4 years of service, well, at least in battery mode. It was time to upgrade anyway.

I'll probably make a post here or there when I have the time. Since I'll be trapped on Amtrak for 8 hours, there will be plenty of time to post about NY if I hadn't already.
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