Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

NYC Report

Kitty, Al Bear, Dexter Fox and myself are on our way to AC. I am typing this on Amtrak's Pennsylvanian which left NYC about an hour ago. We should be in Pittsburgh in about 8 hours. So far the train has hit 125 MPH, but the going will be much slower after Philly.

So far we have had a most enjoyable trip. After our plane fiasco and Al and Dex's run-in with a con man, things have been running smoothly and we have been having tons o' fun.

On Sunday after Kitty and I arrived from the airport, we all went down to B&H Camera to get myself a new digital SLR. Holy crap! That place is incredible!!! There must be several million dollars of merchandise in that store! It was also wall-to-wall people buying all sorts of electronics goodies. I ended up with the Sony A100 10 megapixel. It's a really nice camera! I have been enjoying it immensely! After I made my purchase we headed back to the hotel to drop things off and change into slightly nicer threads. It was then off to the theater for "Spamalot." It was a pretty darn good musical. It was fun to see bits from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" done live on the stage. Lancelot as a flaming queen is also a nice touch. After the theater we changed into more casual clothes and headed off to quentincoyote's place for a dinner get together. He's such a wonderful host. After that we went back to the hotel and crashed.

Monday started off with The Museum of Sex. Yes, we saw the fetish exhibit complete with fursuit and Meeko plushie with an SPH. It was a very intersting exhibit. Other exhibits included sex in the movies and their permanent collection of sex toys including several "yiffing machines." After the museum we hoofed it all the way to Pier 82 for a 3-hour tour around Manhattan. That was nice and relaxing. For dinner we hopped on the subway to Little Italy for a pretty good meal at one of the local restaurants. It was then back on the subway to the Empire State Building where we waited in line for about an hour. We were rewarded with lovely views of the city at night.

Tuesday was museum day. We hopped on the subway to the Met. Kitty and I went a couple of years ago with rapidtrabbit and were overwhelmed. This year we hit the parts that we had missed or had wanted to spend more time at. After about 3 hours we were dog tired. We wandered around Central Park for a bit and then headed on back to the hotel. We did laundry and then had dinner at an Irish pub. It was then time to pack up and get a good night's sleep.

Today we finished packing and made our way to Penn Station. Everything was uneventful up until Philly. At Philly I went to take some pics of the engine. The engineer noticed that I was a train fan and invited me up into the cab for some pics. He then offered to give me a cab ride to Lancaster. A FRIGGIN CAB RIDE!!! This is like the Holy Grail for all trainfans! It's like a fursuiter being asked if he wants to play Robin Hood at Disneyland! So Al Bear and I rode along for about 100 miles. Now I'm back at my seat typing this up. We'll see folks at the after 8 pm tonight!
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