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Early AC report

Kitty and I are sitting in the PGH airport waiting for our flight. I thought I would jot down a few thoughts before we board. There will be several more picture posts in the next few days.

AC was a great time this year. I had no plans on going next year because we want to substitute this trip with an Alaskan cruise. Well...maybe we'll just have to squeeze in 2 trips next Summer. Both of us really want to come back next year.

I had a lot of fun despite really doing nothing. Not a single panel. No Masquerade. No 2. No Kage. Just room parties and hanging out with folks. I had a ton of fun running around in Nevada carrying my "Homeless Due to Global Warming. Please Help. Dog Bless." sign around. I must have collected $20-30 for the con charity.

We had a couple of big dinners out including Buca di Beppo on Thursday and Outback Steakhouse last night. Our sushi outing to Sushi Kim was a complete disaster. BOYCOTT THEM NEXT YEAR! Crystal's Bar down the street welcomed us with open paws again.

I loved walking around the city. That's one of the reasons I want to go back. There are still some sights I want to see.

The Dead Dog Party last night was a ton of fun. I think I pissed off snow_kitty since I was immune to her great flogging powers. Mwaa haa haa! She can try the paddle next year, although I will probably not survive that as easily.

I finally realized how to handle AC. I had 0 people on my "must meet" list since having names on that list only leads to disappointment. I met a few new folks which was very neat, and it was just fine to see the many old friends that I connected with for only a minute or 2.

Gah. My thoughts are all over the place and we're about to board. I guess I will save other thoughts for another post.
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