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Let the Kitchen Remodel Begin!

A week ago I got quite the surprising phone call. The contractor who will be doing my kitchen remodel wanted to know if I would be home soon so that he could start work. HUH?!? WTF?!? He told me that the earliest they could start would be late August/early Sept! It seems that they have gotten themselves ahead of schedule and are pushing jobs up. I told him that we had exactly zero prep work done and that we needed a week. No prob. So this past weekend I emptied all of the cabinets, got everything up off the floor, took down the pictures, and basically got anything not nailed down out of the area. Kitty agreed to pick up the cost of a few new appliances, so off we went to Sears to hit the last day of their "15% off all Kenmore appliances" sale. We will soon have a nice new dishwasher, stove, and over-the-stove microwave.

This morning the contractor showed up right on time and off-loaded all of the new cabinets. He and his crew of two then got started tearing out the old cabinets and flooring. By the time I left for work later in the morning, everything had been pretty much removed from the kitchen.

Over the next few days they will patch and paint the walls, install the new cabinets, install the new floor, and measure for the new counter tops. The appliances should arrive in a couple of weeks with the counter tops soon after. Whoot! And then it will be time to christen the new space with a party!

I took a few pics of the old kitchen. I'll post those tomorrow as well as pics of the now-empty space. I'll probably do regular updates as the work progresses.
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