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Bus Bear

Thank doG for the LJ outage! I was able to read my friends page in under an hour this morning! *LOL*

I decided to try out a new method of commuting today. There is a bus route which runs about 3 blocks from Fur Central. This is the route I take home when I ride my bike to work. It's all good and well, but it only runs 2 times in the morning and 2 times in the evening. When I ride to work I shift my schedule from 7-4 to 7:30-4:30. This allows me to catch the 4:40 bus home. If I don't ride my bike to work, it doesn't make sense to catch that bus since it either leaves too early or too late to make things work smoothly.

The city has now initiated express bus service to the west side of town. It runs every 15 minutes during the day. This may be a bit excessive, but it does solve the problem of an inconvenient schedule. I decided to try it out this morning. I drove down to the park-n-ride lot which is 3 miles from the house. Driving 6 miles a day still beats 22 miles. The buses are the nice new articulated ones. I was dropped off about 5 blocks from the office. That's not bad because it actually gives me a nice little walk before starting my day.

So I think I'll start riding the bus more in the morning. It was nice to kick back and read a magazine (not a book, nigga) and let someone else do the driving. We'll see how long this lasts. The city is notorious for dicking around with the bus schedules. We actually had quite a few people on the bus this morning which was encouraging. It's just really nice to have commuting options.
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