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The Great Escape

I had a little close call the other day. On Friday my sister and her husband came for a visit. She met Mesa through the screen door and said hi to him that way. We didn't want to let him in because we still had to unload her car. All was good and well until I went out into the yard to bring him inside. Within the span of about 5 minutes he had disappeared.

Now a few weeks ago I had set up a new dog barrier to keep him in the back yard. He found weaknesses in the old fencing system and frequently made forays up the mesa to chase bunnies. I thought I had bough suitable fencing material, but it turns out it was netting instead of fencing. Well, as long as it kept him in the yard. It didn't. Soon he was either pushing his way under the netting or simply jumping on it and forcing his way over it. I would work on a new solution eventually. Well...not soon enough.

I hiked the mesa calling him. Kitty drove around the neighborhood. No dog. I drove most of the roads up on the mesa. No dog. Finally we decided to let things run their course and go and have dinner. Either he would come back to the yard on his own or someone would find him and call the number on his tag. Halfway through dinner I got my answer. Somebody had found him and called the number. I breathed a sigh of relief and quickly finished dinner. It turns out that he didn't roam miles like I had feared. The call came from a woman about a block from the house. He had charmed the pants off everyone in the house. When I arrived the family was all sitting in the driveway with Mesa giving kisses to everyone. One of the ladies didn't want to give him up, she was so enamored with him. *lol* I walked Mesa back home and put him back in his yard.

Yesterday I bought better quality fencing material at Lowes. With the help of my sister, her husband, and Kitty we constructed a much sturdier barrier. After it was constructed we all went up the mesa and called to Mesa. Not knowing that we had installed new fencing he threw himself against the new barrier at the previous weak spots. You could see the "WTF?!?" look on his muzzle as he was no longer able to get passed the barrier. After a few minutes of trying in vain to get onto the mesa, he flopped on the ground and started whining. Win! I then opened the gate and took him for official walkies up on the mesa where he proceeded to chase a covey of quail, a jack rabbit, and a kingbird. We hope the yard is secured now and that we can trust him alone. Time will tell.

Oh, and to be a comment whore, here is the latest pic of the pup.
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