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One hard part about being a furry is that most anthropomorphic stuff is geared towards kids. On the one paw that's not a bad thing since it helps nurture a whole new generation of furs *giggles* On the other paw it means that we, as adults, have to sit through possibly inane and childish media to see anthro characters. Once again that is not necessarily a bad thing since some of us have a Peter Pan complex and never wanna grow up. That's especially true for babyfurs *snickers*.

The one good thing about high quality animation from Disney and Pixar is that they have perfected the art of making the bi-level anthro movie. Kids love the slapstick humor while the adults can appreciate the artwork and/or the adult themes in the sub-plots. One of my favorite lines from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" is when the woman tells Bob Hoskins that she had to "shake the weasels." I think I was the only one in the theater who cracked up at that line. For the next few minutes bursts of laughter erupted around the theater as folks finally got the joke. We also won't go into the episode of "Rocko's Modern Life" when Heifer gets hooked up to a milking machine.

Last week we Netflixed the movie "Doogal." I think we saw a pic for it somewhere and thought it would be a cute anthro movie. On the list it went. It arrived the same day there was a review in the local alternative paper for a special kids movie matinée on Saturday. They were going to show Doogal! The review read something like, "Doogal will be shown to the kiddies for under a buck. It's still not worth it." Eeep! But we went ahead and watched it on Sunday. Yeah. It was pretty lame. Lots of mediocre CGI animation. I noticed the lip synch was horrible. It turns out that they re-recorded the voices using American actors with more hip cultural references. Sorry guys. It didn't work. About the only anthro character that I enjoyed was Dylan the Rabbit. He was the only one I could go "murr" to. Yeah. I'm a pathetic furry freak. *lol*

I find it interesting reading the Wikipedia article about Doogal aka Dougal in that he was such a huge hit in Europe and virtually unknown here in the States. I thought we're closing all of the gaps in international media with globalization. Perhaps American media outlets feel we have enough of our own crap that we don't have to import anything from overseas. It makes me sad to think that there are really good shows being enjoyed by Europeans that we're not seeing and at the same time we're exporting our garbage to Europe. Then again, our tastes are different. Remember that "Baywatch" and anything Hasselhoffian is big in France. ;oP
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