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Office Space Protocol

In the office world there is an unwritten hierarchy in status based on one's office space. If you're a temp or contractor you might have to share a cube with just the bare essentials. If you are one of the numerous grunts, you are given a standard cube. Your cube becomes your little sanctuary, however, and so, if policy allows, you decorate it to give it a more personal touch. As you work your way up to lower management you get yourself an office with 4 walls and a door. If you climb a little higher, you get an office with a window. Finally you get to upper management and the legendary corner office.

When I first started in ABQ, our office was in a high-rise building downtown. The building was broken up into small offices so there were essentially no cubes. Higher grade employees got offices with windows. I had to share an inside office with another person. Fortunately that person spent most of his time in a different office so I essentially had it to myself. Then we moved to our own building about 5 years ago. In this building we would have cube farms. I was somewhat fortunate in that I had 2 solid walls. After a couple of years our division shifted and I snagged a cube with 3 solid walls. And now our division is shifting again. There are 2 new employees coming in the next couple of months and space had to be found for them. In the shuffle an office became available. Since I had seniority, I snagged it. So slowly I am working my way up the cubicle ladder. I now have 4 walls and a door, all to myself! I shall have a window one day! Oh yes! I shall!
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