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Almost done

It's hard to believe that the kitchen remodel started less than 2 weeks ago. Right now the job is more than 90% done. In fact, we'll probably spend some of this weekend putting stuff in the upper cabinets since they are done. All we're waiting for is the countertop and the appliances. The counter should be delivered on Monday and the appliances a week from now. We'll have a kitchen again! It looks absolutely wonderful right now with the light wood cabinets and the darker wood floor. Yes, I will post pics soon. I was going to do it yesterday but I got soaked by a rainstorm taking Mesa for walkies. By the time I dried out I just wanted to curl up with a martini and watch the tube.

And here's a little video clip to end the week. A friend sent it to me in an email and I found it on good old YouTube. Not only reindeer can fly! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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