Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Of Kitchens and Hummers

I was going to post over the weekend but managed to pretty much stay off of the computer the entire time. The only time I got online was to download programs for my new desktop. Yup, Kitty had a little luck at one of the casinos and it was a tax-free weekend for all school supplies, including computers, so we went out and bought new desktops. I can't believe how fast it is compared to my old one which I bought around 5 years ago. What took me hours to download to a back-up external hard drive took me minutes to upload onto the new system. I also love the new high resolution flat screen which takes up soooo much less room and lets me display my pics taken with the new camera in all their high-res glory.

Speaking of pics with the new camera...there was lots of activity around the hummingbird feeder over the weekend. I decided to try my luck in photographing the little guys with my zoom lens. One of the reasons I went with the Sony camera was that it accepted Minolta lenses. Since I already owned 28-100 and 100-300 zoom lenses, it would save me money in not having to buy new ones. I parked myself about 6' from the feeder and waited. Within minutes I was snapping off shots right and left. I love the fact that I can just shoot like crazy and simply delete the ones that didn't come out.

The females didn't seem to mind me being so close. They just sat there and drank while I snapped away. The males were a little more skittish and jumped every time the shutter clicked. Here is probably the best pic I took that day:

In other news I started putting stuff into the upper cabinets in the kitchen. It's nice to finally have room for stuff! And here is the latest pic of the kitchen including the new floor:

We also made a somewhat impromptu purchase over the weekend. While stopping at Oak Express to look for a new dresser for Kitty, we spotted a beautiful dining room table. It had been marked down and they said they could sneak in the tax-free deduction since they were offering it on desks. The wood coloring went perfectly with the new cabinets and floor, so we went ahead and bought it. It should add a bit of class to the new kitchen.

The only other news of the weekend was the massive thunderstorm we encountered on Saturday. We were at an Isotopes game when the skies opened up during the 4th inning. First it came down in sheets and then buckets. There were a few *flash* *BOOMs* of lightning and thunder, so we decided to get the heck out of there and head on home. The streets were like rivers as we made a mad dash to the car. I loved watching this stupid teenager trying to text message while running in the rain, eventually dropping her cell phone into a puddle. As we drove home through the deluge we saw the Sheraton Hotel get hit with a huge bolt of lightning. By the time we got home, there was only a slight drizzle. We dried out and then played "redneck" by pulling out some lawn chairs and sitting on the driveway watching the storm pass by just to the east. The light show was spectacular, however, as huge streaks lit up the sky. At one point the sky glowed green for a few seconds. We don't know if a transformer blew up somewhere or what, but it was pretty eerie.

And that was the weekend re-cap. We will hopefully have counter tops today and appliances by Friday. That should conclude the re-model!
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