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Are We THAT Bad?!?

Just under a month ago I made this post about how there will be big changes headed our way in my division. My supervisor announced he was going to quit and 2 new employees would be coming on board within 2 months. Well, the supervisor's last day will be technically tomorrow as we have a good-bye luncheon for him. I hate to see him go because he was a good guy and disliked bullshit as much as I did. I had mentioned in the earlier post that I was not about to help out with the training of the new guys. Why not? Mainly because I'm an asshole. *lol* But as of now, that's something of a moot point. Why? Well, New Guy #1 showed up last week and promptly quit 4 days later. *LMAO* We were all in shock but now we're all in *lol* mode. His excuse was that he didn't like the feel of the city and didn't want to raise his kids here. Yeah. Right. Moron. You didn't research the city before paw? You'd rather live in Rawlins Wyoming?!? Riiiiiight! So New Guy #1 is now gone. He probably freaked when he found out that the person who hired him was jumping ship. So New Guy #2 should be arriving within the next few weeks. Let's see how long he lasts. I'll just sit here and drink my Diet Coke and read LJ. Anybody have some hay for the drama llama?
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