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Bear in the Water

Why Hullo LJ! I missed you! I haven't read you since Thursday!

I had a couple of great days at work by not being in the office. On Thursday I had a meeting down in Socorro. That included a trip out into the field to take a look at a drain that was being impacted by flash flooding on an arroyo. It was hot as hell, but still nice to be outside.

On Friday I had the perfect day at work. I went whitewater rafting! Since part of my job is to provide rafting flows on the Rio Chama every weekend, I was asked by the Bureau of Land Management, which oversees recreation on the river, if I would like a day trip down the lower portion of the river. HELL YEAH! The last time I went down the river was back in 2001. I can justify making the trip on work time since I am so active in making sure there is water available for rafting as well as coordinating with the BLM in the scheduling of the releases. It also helps when your boss and her boss are also invited along. *lol* It was a great trip. I opted to paddle a one-man inflatable kayak. The rapids are pretty tame with nothing more than a class 3. I did manage to flip my kayak in one rapid by getting caught in what is termed an "eddy fence" where there is a transition from water flowing in one direction meeting water flowing in the opposite direction due to an eddy current. It was no biggie. The cold water was actually very refreshing in the heat of the day. My lunch cooler stayed strapped to the boat and only my water bottle floated a little ways downstream. The only thing that got bruised was my ego since I was the only one all day to go for an unintentional swim.

What else happened over the weekend? Not too much. I had to take my new computer back to the shop on Friday because I think I messed up the card reader in trying to shove a wrong type of card into one of the slots. It started to act like there was a card in the slot when there wasn't. This caused Windows to constantly try to read the non-existent card. Oh well. It was under warranty.

We had a kitchen warming party on Saturday which was only partially successful since the kitchen was not completely done. There was drama with Sears on Friday since they refused to change their delivery time for us. So instead of our contractor installing the appliances on Friday morning we had to wait until Friday evening to get the appliances. Sears delivery sucks donkey balls! We ended up arguing with customer service for hours and later found out that we could have been arguing with some 'tard in a call center in the Philippines! Their attitude was "take it or leave it" which pissed us off. We almost told them to f*ck off but the local store manager tried his hardest to make things right. Anyway...we had a little get-together to coincide with a visit by ziabandidto555 who unfortunately couldn't make it. scruff_e_coyote came down, however, so all was good. Hopefully the kitchen will be 100% done today so expect before and after pictures tomorrow.
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