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My Office Cave

I have been enjoying my new office space. I recently plastered the walls with every bear-related cartoon/comic I have acquired over the past 20 years. Well, most have been from the past 4 years, but I did make copies of all of "The Far Side" bear comics 20 years ago from collections I had bought. It was around Christmastime and I was one of the few people in the office, so I went nuts with the copier *grins*

Some of the syndicated comics I follow on a daily basis are "Loose Parts," "F Minus," "Off The Mark," "Speed Bump," "Strange Brew," and "Non-Sequitur." Most are "Far Side" clones that run in papers all across the country (and on teh Interweb!). I also have a few "Perry Bible Fellowship" strips as well. I only have a couple from overtly bear cartoons like "The Grizzwells" or "The Whiteboard."

At last count I have 183 strips up on my walls. It's a veritable bear comics library! I have people stop by just to read my wall. The reaction I get when someone walks in for the first time is pretty cool. They come in to ask me a question and get stopped in their tracks as they are confronted by walls covered in comics. The response is overwhelmingly positive. It just adds to my myth as a kid who refuses to grow up.
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