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Elephant Butt

Kitty and I had a most enjoyable weekend. On Saturday we went down to Elephant Butte Reservoir (one of ours!) to spend a most relaxing day on the water courtesy of scritchwuff who owns a "party barge." We all spent several hours out on the water just cruising around enjoying the scenery and sipping cold brewskis. Even though I have lived here for 8 years, I have never actually gone to the lake itself. I have been inside the dam, but never out on the water. It was pretty darn nice! Scritch would like to plan some sort of bigger party one of these days which would be awesome. The name of the group would be the Butte Pirates. I suggested a flag with a rainbow leading to a treasure chest full of beer. There would also be a plank to walk if you brought drama on board. I already volunteered to be the ships mascot since I do have a parrot suit.

After a day out on the water we headed up to Socorro to hang out with skitzycat, shimmerfox, two_pi_r, ari_foxy, and others. There was even an appearance by the elusive tenax which was very nice. It was a nice way to wind down the day.

Sunday was relax-and-do-nothing day. We got the kitchen a bit more organized. Dang! We gots lots of cabinet space now! About the only other thing we did was watch "Hot Fuzz." I found it brilliant while Kitty was less impressed. And that's the update so far. I'm really getting sick of this heat. Monsoon season has been shit so far. Come on, Dean! Bring us some moisture! Erin was certainly a disappointment to us. I guess the folks in Oklahoma would beg to differ.
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