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A Furmeet to Howl About

What a lovely weekend. After the success of Thursday's furry feast we had another great event on Saturday. We had planned a meet a couple of months ago to show off the new kitchen, but it wasn't 100% done when the time rolled around. We decided to have another meet and invite the whole NM crew. We must be starving for excitement because we had another good turnout. This meet also had a new twist. It went to the dogs. Literally! By evening's end we had 6 dogs in the yard all running around having a great time. There was much humping and butt sniffing. Especially with the dogs! *LMAO* We had Anubis and Mesa, tenax brought over Bob and Ivory, chucklemagne and thechick brought over their new pup, Black Powder, and gamegoth brought over Amy. Their antics kept us amused most of the night. For foodage I grilled up 20 lbs of marinated chicken thighs. thipher_84 grilled up bacon-wrapped jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese. They were yummy, but nearly caused a grease fire. I also whipped up a batch of mojitos-in-a-bucket which were pretty darn tasty. As usual there was much chatting and watching of bad movies (and Robot Chicken).

That's pretty much the weekend wrap-up. Took Mesa to his first obedience school lesson. We have a lot of work to do. Made a big batch of homemade salsa which I hope to try today. Watched the Bears suck in San Diego. Watched "Walk the Line" which was a pretty standard BioPic. Somebody should do a filk titled "Walk the Lion" *lol* That's bout it! Off to the start of another fantastic work week! [/sarcasm]
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