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Whoot! Another successful Thursday dinner furmeet, this time at Fuddrucker's! In attendance was scritchwuff, dragoncrescent, eaglem16, leo_tiger, thipher_84, daeleo, shajoni, her brother, and of course myself and Kitty. Mmmmmm. Burgers.

Upon arrival back at Fur Central we were greeted by rockwolf whom we had granted crash space on his epic journey across the U.S. to the paradise known as California. Kitty made him one of her famous there's-no-alcohol-in-this-drink *klunk* drinks. Once he was passed out there was much freak nasty homo buttsecks. He should be all nice and loose for you SoCal furs who will be seeing him this weekend. *LOL*

We got some fun stuff planned this weekend. Hopefully I'll have good stories to write on Monday. Have a great weekend, everyone!
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