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Let Them Hear Cake!

In my cd collection there are a lot of greatest hits collections. There are many bands that I like, but not many that I like enough to own the entire library. That's especially true for more modern bands. Since I'm old, modern is anything after 1990. *chuckle* There are few bands that I would say I'm a fan for either. This year Kitty and I went to see the B-52's. Yeah. I pretty much own their library. We also saw Pat Benatar. Nope. Don't own a single cd, but she was a part of my "impressionable years" back in college where we watched her shake her ta-tas to "Love is a Battlefield." Bruce Hornsby? Yeah. I own a lot of his stuff.

Back in the early 90's I was living in Yuma AZ. I would get new music from MTV's "120 Minutes" video show which aired every Sunday at midnight. There I saw a video called "The Distance" by a band called Cake. I liked it, especially since there were random fursuiters thrown into the video. It spurred me on to want a fursuit of my own. About this time we started getting radio signals from an alternative rock station in Mexico affectionately known as "The Tree" from how they said their frequency, "Ninety-eight point tree." They played lots of Cake. I went out and bought the cd "Fashion Nugget" which became one of my favorites. Over the years I bought their new releases (as well as their 1st cd) and thoroughly enjoyed the music. They were great traveling companions on road trips. So imagine my joy and delight when Kitty brought home a copy of our local alternative paper a few months ago and there in the concert section was an announcement that Cake would be coming to Santa Fe.

The venue for the concert was the Paolo Soleri Amphitheater which looks like a place that Fred Flintstone would see a concert. We had opted for the more expensive reserved seats which was a blessing. We were 5th row slightly left of center. That put us about 15' from the stage! We weren't expecting an opening act but a guitarist and his accompanists on an electric cello came out and said they would be playing. I thought I heard the guitarist same his name was M. Doughty. Hmmmm. That name sounded familiar. And then he started playing and singing. Holy shit! He was the lead singer from another one of my favorite bands of the 90's, Soul Coughing! He went solo after the band broke up in 2000 and has started to gain a little bit of fame on his own. I had heard his song "Busting up a Starbucks" on XM not too long ago. And so he did a short set with just him and his cellist. A few of us knew who he was and shouted out old Soul Coughing songs for him to perform. He finally did one of their bigger hits, "Circles." No, it's not about gay anthropomorphic characters. *lol* Unfortunately most folks in the audience had a Who-is-this-guy-get-the-fuck-off-the-stage attitude.

Cake finally came on stage a little while later and wowed the house. Someone had commented on my LJ awhile back that they were supposedly boo'd in Canada. I was a bit worried that perhaps it was some screwed up line-up with, say, just the drummer from the original band still touring. Nope. It was the actual group. They're out promoting their just-released cd of b-sides and rarities. They opened with "Frank Sinatra" and played 3-4 songs from each of their earlier cd's. I was surprised and happy that they only did one song from the new cd (which I don't own yet). They were pretty tight with awesome work by their guitarist and horn player. They only played for about 90 minutes which I guess is about standard now, but they packed in their biggest hits as well as a few songs that fans like Kitty and me could appreciate. Overall it was a pretty darn nifty show especially combined with the funky venue, awesome seats, and absolutely gorgeous weather. The Frito pie was also mighty tasty.

Oh, as a sidenote I talked with some folks at KBAC radio. They were one of the first folks to give me a fursuiting gig back in 2003. Their station no longer reaches ABQ and my dj friend is no longer there, but I decided to see if they remembered me. One of the personalities there did remember me and asked if I still had the bear suit. I told them I now have several suits and would be willing to do more promotions for them. They were genuinely interested in having me suit for them again. *crosses claws* That would be fun!
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