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2008 Con Schedule

Kitty and I had a talk about our travel plans for next year. We both agreed to shake up our con schedule for next year to try new things. It's still an ambitious goal, but if I make long weekends out of the cons instead of doing big blocks like I'm doing for MFF, combining it with a visit with mom for T'giving, or FC, adding time to spend with Kitty's mom, I might be able to make this work.

FWA: Have never gone but think it would be a good opportunity to hang out with furiends from the SE, especially since I bypassed MFM this year. Besides, maybe I'll get a chance to witness Tumbles the Stair Dragon for myself!

Califur: Bypassing it this year. We will probably hit up the SoCal picnic instead to hang out with our furiends in LaLa Land.

Rocky Mountain FurCon: Oh yeah! Loved it this year so we'll be going back. This time we might add a day or 2 for sightseeing and a more relaxing trip back home, perhaps through the Rockies.

AC: I said I wouldn't go this year, but dog gone it, we had such a wonderful time this year we might just have to go again next year. Besides, I still haven't seen some of the sights around Pittsburgh. We're still talking about a furry cruise to Alaska later in the Summer (which might have precluded us from going to AC), but things are still in the planning phase. It would be tight on my vacation budget, but I think I could swing it.

MFM: Nope. Not this year either.

FurFright: We're sure going to try!

MFF: Here's the big shocker of the year. We're going to bypass it. Why? It always conflicts with the DooDah Parade in Pasadena. I'd sure love to march in it at least once. Maybe even do the Ocean City one in 2009 so I can be classified as a "glutton for punishment."

And that's the plan so far. Having a job with an extremely generous leave policy helps immensely in making this happen. Add that to the fact that I accumulate comp time for working some weekends, I can enjoy a lot of time off. I hope to meet up with as many of you on my FL as possible. Giving you an actual hug is a lot better than typing *hug*.
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