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Being an Otter -- Day 2

Today was the 2nd day of the Children's Water Festival. I was once again out there passing out little foam rubber globes with the USBR logo on them. The set-up was the same as yesterday. There was lots of down time while the kids were hearing different lectures about water. When they changed "classrooms" I was out there passing out the high-fives and clowning around. I had one group demand that I breakdance. Hey! This ain't no DJ Format video! I did manage to do "the worm" which pleased them. About the only other excitement for the day was getting a pic with the mayor of Rio Rancho, the 4th biggest town in NM.

I also had a little fun which was totally unexpected. At one point a kid came over to me with the little globe I had passed out. He wanted me to autograph it! (or would that be Otto-graph? *nyuk nyuk*) The next thing you know, the entire class wants me to sign their globes! Eeep! Fortunately I had given myself some practice in signing stuff in suit just in case I got the Orbit gig. Soon I was frantically signing "Otto" right and left. But wait! It gets better! As the day ended I stood by the doors and said goodbye to all the kids. There were once again lots of high fives, fist bumps, peace signs, hugs, etc. One girl asked me to sign the t-shirt that some of the classes received. Ummmmm.....ok! The next thing you know I have a line of kids all wanting me to sign their shirts. I had one tired paw!

So all in all, this was a fun gig. A little too much down time, but the kids were fun and appreciative. 4th graders are right at that age when they know it's a person in a suit, but they still have fun with it. They want to test you and your performance. If you put on a good show, they'll appreciate it. It's not "gay" or "stupid," just silly. I get to do a repeat performance in a few weeks when the festival moves to ABQ.
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