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"The War"

I have been watching Ken Burns' latest documentary on PBS. Like all of his previous documentaries, you can easily get sucked in and end up anxiously waiting for the next installment. So far I have found out a few interesting things.

World War 2 is what we consider a noble war. There were good guys, us, and bad guys, Nazis and other fascists. The Germans and Japanese were the ones that committed the atrocities like concentration camps and death marches. Our POW's were treated like shit while we afforded their POW's all the luxuries of civilized warfare. We were always the guys wearing the white hats. That's what the history books told us and the John Wayne movies showed us. But some of that was not all true. In "Letters from Iwo Jima" there is a scene where a GI shoots unarmed Japanese POW's because he wants to get back to the fighting. In watching the documentary I find out that it was fairly routine for Americans to shoot some POW's rather than deal with them. In the case of the Japanese, there was lots of payback for the mutilation of our dead and wounded. I can see that. If you see your buddy with his balls cut off, you're gonna want to cut off some Jap balls as well.

The other thing that I found interesting was how the government lied to the citizenry during the war. Much information was withheld and there was always a heroic spin to the newsreels that eventually made their way back to the theaters.

So what does this all mean? It means (to me) that whenever I see The Clown, also known as George Bush, come onto the screen to tell me how great things are going in Iraq, I will not believe a single word he says. If our government could lie to us in a "good" war, what is it capable of doing in such an unjust war? Our brave soldiers are not capable of committing atrocities because we're always the good guys. Bullshit. When an independent (and probably very liberal) news account surfaces that civilians were brutally killed by our military and our government tells us that they were all terrorists, you can bet that I will believe the independent source. The track record for truth in the embedded media leaves a lot to be desired.

I also found it interesting that WWII had to be funded by the sales of war bonds. That point was mentioned in "Flags of Our Fathers," but I had no idea how true it was. What happened?!? How is it that The Clown can demand $100 billion from Congress, money that's not there, to keep the war going in Iraq? I think we should go back to the bond method of financing wars. All of those Republicans getting rich on the war machine should pony up the money to keep the fighting going. Does anyone else get a very bad taste in their mouth when The Clown will veto a bill to provide a few billion dollars for children's health insurance while asking for 10's of billions of dollars to keep an illegal war going? I'm just getting sick and tired of all of this crap. We, as a country, can do so much better for ourselves and the world as a whole. I hope the frustration boils over by the next election. Then again, will the next leader be any different?
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