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Then and Now

A few days ago alohawolf spammed his Friends List with a bunch of old photos. I'm not sure what the purpose was, but there were some pretty neat images. One that caught my eye was one of a Santa Fe Railroad streamliner getting serviced at some station. The location looked so familiar. It had to be Albuquerque! I had seen this picture once before. Several months ago I found a book that dealt with the history of the Santa Fe and there was the pic. It identified the stop as Albuquerque. *laughs* As a matter of fact, I just checked the Wikipedia entry for The Super Chief, the flagship passenger train of the Santa Fe, and lo and behold, there is the picture again! The caption dates the photo as March of 1943. Yesterday I went to the exact same spot and took a pic to compare the city then and now. Wow! What a difference! Here are the 2 photos taken 64 years apart:


The only building that definitively remains is the old brick brewery building seen in the back between the tall telephone poles. That building is directly in back of my office. I'll have to get a pic of that and post it in a day or 2. The big old building with the Spanish-style tower is the old Alvarado Hotel which was one of the more famous Harvey House Hotels. It was torn down in the '70's as "urban renewal" and is probably one of the most lamented losses in the downtown area. The Alvarado Transportation Center was just recently constructed there and pays homage to the architectural style.

One of the coolest things IMHO is that in the 1943 pic the "Super Chief" is in the station. In the 2007 pic its successor the "Southwest Chief" is in the station. Both are carrying folks from Chicago to LA although the trip in the 40's was much more luxurious. I also captured the new Rail Runner commuter service ready to depart for Belen. So I guess we're going retro and re-establishing rail as a viable form of transportation.

Hi-res versions of the pics are located Here and Here
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