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Media Furmeet

We had our (now) usual Thursday furmeet yesterday. This was a pretty special one because we not only welcomed 2 new furs to Fur Central, but we invited the media. The reporter doing the story on the fandom showed up so he could see all of the deviant behavior that took place at your typical furmeet. In attendance were scritchwuff, dragoncrescent, eaglem16, gamegoth, shajoni, daeleo, and kjorteo, and jaiedavis. The party was pretty low-key. I cooked up hot dogs on the grill while most everyone chatted with the reporter and got a first look at the psychological study that was conducted at AC about furries.

We let down our fur a bit with the reporter since he put us at ease. I wore my "Yiff the Cook" apron while grilling. There was lots of hugging and scritching as usual. Kitty showed him around the house and he was impressed by all of our furry and non-furry wildlife art. I think he was also amazed by the closet full of fursuits. Towards the end of the evening Kitty put on her ratbat partial suit that she had received from growly. Since we were also celebrating Bunny's and Scritch's b'days, there was cake and presents. Bunny was given a ring toss game. was an x-rated ring toss game *LOL* You had to throw rings onto a large inflatable pecker. Of course it was brought out and inflated. Everyone had a great time trying to get the cock rings onto the cock.

About the only entertainment of the evening was sitting around watching "South Park" and "Drawn Together" on Comedy Central. The party broke up just after 10 and that was it. We found out that the furry piece will be the featured article in the paper next week. I can't wait to see if Sabot makes the cover.

And I'll leave you with a picture from the evening.

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