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More about the weekend

So you already know that Kitty and I went to Monument Valley along the Arizona/Utah border. We were joined by scruff_e_coyote who lives about 2 hours from there. Kitty and I left Saturday morning after Mesa's doggy obedience school. We made a quick stop at Cuba, NM to take a stroll among the aspens. Autumn is arriving at the higher elevations and so I took Kitty up to a place in the Jemez Mountains where I knew there were nice aspen groves. Last year we were a few weeks too late. This year we hit it very close to the peak of color. So we had a nice romantic stroll in the woods. The temps were very comfortable and the sun was beautiful. We then proceeded on to Cortez, CO. Somewhere between Cuba and Bloomfield NM we crossed the cold front. The sky was still nice and sunny, but the temps dropped about 20 degrees. Chilly!

There are a couple of routes between ABQ and the SW corner of Colorado. You could go due west on I-40 and then due north on US 491 (formerly US 666). This route is pretty fast, but really boring. You could also take US 550 to Aztec NM and up to Durango CO before taking US 160 to Cortez. That's my preferred route. You could also take US 550 to Bloomfield NM and then over on US 64 to Shiprock before heading up to Cortez on 491. This route sucks because you go through a bunch of communities with lower speed limits and stop lights. Scruff E found an alternate route using state highway 574 in NM to CO state route 140 which dumps you off to the west of Durango. Kitty and I decided to try this route since we had time and were in the mood for a change of pace. It was a good move. It was a nice relaxing drive since there was very little traffic and the scenery was nice. I then suggested we try a dirt county road in CO. Another good move! The road followed a small river valley which was filled with cottonwood trees all changing from green to blazing yellow. There were many incredibly beautiful houses in the valley. I might have to see how much land is selling for there.

We hooked up with Scruff and went to dinner at a nice Cajun place. Afterwards there was much drinking and snugging. The next day we proceeded to Monument Valley. I took a scenic route which was a good move. We had all day for the drive so we were in no hurry. I took them through Bluff, UT where I stayed with my aunt almost 20 years ago when we took a raft trip down the San Juan River. There was also a brief stop at Mexican Hat where we took a few pics. Finally we arrived at Monument Valley where Scruff and I fursuited in some of the most beautiful scenery in America(see yesterday's post). After spending a few hours in the park we completed our loop by heading south to Kayenta, AZ and finally east passed the Four Corners. In Kayenta we were amused by roving packs of Navajo dogs that staked out various fast food and gas station parking lots waiting for folks to drop food.

On Monday Kitty and I said our good-byes to Scruff and returned to ABQ. It was a relatively uneventful trip except for getting caught in a speed trap. Fortunately I just got a warning because I was all set to verbally bitch slap the cop if he wrote me a ticket. Yeah, I was pissed. So all in all, it was a great road trip. We're now planning the road trip to MFF next month.

Oh, have a couple of pics.

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