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More Stupid News Media

You already know my disdain for commercial network news. Last night they sunk to a new low. The lead story was about pulling "dangerous" medicines off of the shelf. Basically it was adult medicines marketed for infants and toddlers. The meat of the story were that CHILDREN WERE DYING!!!1! When they showed the statistics my mouth fell open, my eyes glazed over, and I began to scream obscenities at the screen. One would think that babies were dying right and left! Nope. The number of deaths was less than 200 over 35 YEARS! And were these medicines simply poisons? No, the children died because parents did not read the instructions and overdosed the kids. *facepaws* I swear to doG that Americans must be the stupidest people on the planet. Just by chance I watched "Bowling for Columbine" the night before. It was by far Michael Moore's worst effort but perhaps he did get one thing right in that there is a "conspiracy" to keep Americans in a constant state of fear. We, as a people, seriously need to chill the fuck out. The world is not a safe place and we should just deal with it. Bad things are gonna happen. We are not entitled to 100% safety, and no, our lawyers are not either.
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