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I was going to do a mildly serious post, but I figured it was Friday and I already had my one "heavy" post for the week. So let's go for the fluff post.

My co-workers and I were bullshitting after our conference call this morning. The subject was biological diversity. The topic of what makes a species a species came up. We started wondering about how close wolves, dogs, and coyotes were. Now dogs can breed with wolves and coyotes. Could coyotes breed with wolves? Normally coyotes and wolves are enemies. I think there have been cases of wolves killing coyotes in Yellowstone. So obviously there would be no breeding between them because they are enemies. But what if one male and one female decided to go for it in a case of forbidden love! I mentioned it would be like "Romeo & Juliet." Then someone said it could also be like a canine version of "West Side Story" (the modern version of R&J). So then I got a picture of a group of coyotes and a group of wolves all dressed up in leather jackets doing a big musical number in an urban schoolyard. Dog help me, I'm such a furry. Anyone want to sketch this? *lol* And now I have that song about the Jets in my head.

"When you're a Yote, you're a Yote all the way from your first taste of goat to your last dyin' day."

Stop me!

"Oooo Lupita! I just met a wolf named Lupita!"

"I like to be in Yellowstone!
O.K. by me in Yellowstone!
Ev'rything free in Yellowstone!
For a small fee in Yellowstone!

"Tonight, tonight, I'll mount my love tonight."
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