Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The Un-furry Furmeet

We switched our weekly furmeet from Thursday to Saturday to give those that are always busy on Thursdays a chance to hang out. It was suggested that we have a picnic-like meet at a local park. We had a good turnout! The attendance list included thipher_84, ari_foxy, gamegoth, scritchwuff, dragoncrescent, eaglem16, shajoni, and daeleo. What made this meet different from the rest was that we were all out in the beautiful weather, running around in the sun chasing frisbees like crazy dogs. When we got tired we crashed on a blanket on the grass and munched on healthy snacks. What?!? A furmeet without video games and YouTube?!? Blasphemy! Well, after we got tired we retreated to Fur Central where the Wii was fired up and I grilled up good un-healthy hot dogs. Thipher brought over some fish, and soon sushi rolls were being made. It being a Saturday also meant that us older folks could party a little longer than usual. Scritch and I pounded down many brewskis. Overall it was another very successful meet.

The weather turned really crappy on Sunday. There were gusty, cold winds blowing out of the north all day. That drove the temperature way down. It finally hit freezing this morning according to my thermometer. There were many reports of snow outside of the city limits at the higher elevations. It looks like Fall is really here now!

I should also mention that Kitty and I saw the sold-out Shaolin Warriors show last night. It was a very impressive show including bits that included monks being supported on spear points and having vegetables chopped on their bare chests with razor sharp knives. Afterwards Kitty and I had this strange desire to watch "Kung Fu Hustle."
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