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Natural History Update

Not much has been happening up on the mesa. Now that things have cooled down, there has been a lot less activity. The last flowers bloomed about a month ago. I think I have identified it as a Tahoka Daisy. Here's the pic:

There was also a low bush that bloomed with little yellow flowers, but I never bothered to try to identify it.

It was a crappy year for snakes. I only saw one early in the year. Coyotes have been few and far between as of late. I did hear a few yip yesterday when a police siren set them off. Bunnies/jack rabbits are plentiful and Mesa loves to chase them! I have noticed an uptick in the number of raptors. We had a beautiful hawk pay a visit to the back wall a few days ago. I also noticed a red-tail soaring above the yard.

Hopefully I'll see at least one tarantula in the next few weeks. They migrate looking for mates about this time of year. Last year I mentioned this fact to Kitty and the very next day I found one right in back of our wall.

That's about it. Things will suck in a few weeks when daylight savings time ends. I'll be walking Mesa in the dark.
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