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Thursday Furmeet Recap

We had another nice get-together last night. The restaurant of choice was Rudy's BBQ. I love going there for lunch since it's just a quick trip on the freeway from work. Last night there was quite the line for service which never got shorter the entire time we were there. There was a good turnout of 10 furs including the usual suspects: myself and Kitty, eaglem16 and dragoncrescent, daeleo and shajoni, thipher84, gamegoth, and guest furs silveronewunny and her mate who had driven up from Roswell. After filling our bellies with tasty meat, most folks headed over to Fur Central to chill out. Silverone showed us her fursuit creations which impressed the heck out of us. There was Tetris Attacks games followed by a showing of "Elektra" which had just arrived from Netflix. I kinda agreed with Thipher's description: "It's 'Ultraviolet' without the suck." Still a very forgettable flick.
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