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Doggy Dash and Dawdle '07

Another fine weekend of fursuiting! This weekend marked my 5th appearance at the annual fundraiser for Animal Humane of New Mexico, the Doggy Dash and Dawdle. It's a 5K walk and run that you can participate in with or without your dog. They even have dogs for rent. Hopefully you'll like your canine companion so much that you'll adopt him. I suited for about 2.5 hours which was just about my limit. Temps were cool and there was a slight breeze, but dealing with Zunipup's visibility issues is always a chore. I got to interact with a few hundred dogs. Most were curious. Yes, many sniffed my butt first. One husky thought I was a chew toy and clamped down on my crotch (insert your own husky joke here.) I got to interact with a wolf again this year. He's such a sweet and mellow guy. Orbit from the Isotopes was there again as was the mascot for the NBA minor league team, the Thunderbirds. I out-danced both of them! I also noticed on this morning's news broadcast that I made it on screen for a few seconds as I was working out on stage with Orbit.

So another successful event! And now...on to the pics!


Zuni and the T-bird

Very nice people from HealthSouth. They fed me burritos!
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