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Tuesday Stuffs

Interested in the annual "big dinner" at MFF? This year we're doing Texas de Brazil aka "a meat fountain." Most people are familiar with Brazilian BBQ, they bring you meat on skewers and don't stop until you tell them to. It's not cheap, but it's not too expensive either. It will probably be the same as Maggiano's. Why no Maggiano's? Well, I sold my stock in Brinker International. No. I joke. We just thought we would try something new. And c'mon! Furries + all you can eat meat = Definite win! The plan is to do this on Sunday night, November 18, at around 7:30. We'll most likely be herding cats around 7 in the lobby. Just track down Kitty or myself. But we need a headcount ASAP!!! So reply here if you're interested. Those that already responded to Kitty's LJ don't need to again here.

Mesa puppy completed his obedience training over the weekend. He's very good when on leash. We're still working on his selective hearing when he's off leash. His final lesson included snake avoidance. This is important since we walk daily in snake country. They used a gopher snake to simulate a rattler. Hopefully he now has it in his noggin that you don't go and sniff a snake. After class we all went for a nice walk along the Rio Grande to see the beautiful cottonwoods changing color. I do love Fall! I'll have to post pics of my Chinese pistache in the back yard which is turning a lovely red. We also took Mesa to a playground to see how well he would do with agility training. He impressed me greatly when he climbed the ladder to the slide. I had to give him a little push down the slide, but he did it!

And that's about it. We're getting ready to head out to MFF on Saturday. We should be at the hotel on Wednesday.
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