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My ear hurts!

First, a paw wave to ysengrin who must have found something interesting in this bear's ramblings. Welcome. And now, I can't resist it.
"There, wolf. There, castle"
"Why are you talking like that?"
"I don't know. You started it."

I took being a chat slut to a whole different level last night. I signed on early because I knew that Monday night was usually a night when everyone was on. Yup. Pounced instantly. After a few chats got started, the phone rings. It was tenax! We made our plans for the upcoming Fat Tire Fiesta and tried to decide when and how I would fursuit on a bike. I REALLY like talking with Tenax. He's such a happy fur, but he also can talk your ear off! *LOL* Meanwhile, people are messaging me to see if I was still alive. I finally hang up and resume chatting. The phone rings again. It's albear! Yay! Uh-oh. Blitzed bear again. We talk for awhile, but I can tell he's falling asleep. We say our goodbyes and I get back to the compter. I was having a nice chat with cnipur when he suggested we chat on the phone. Since he's up in Canada, my long distance rates do not apply. Last time I called him, I got nailed with a big bill. But I'm a bear of means, and he is worth the expense, so I called him. We talked for a little while, but my eye was on the clock. It was just nice to hear the voice of a friend. Not long after I hang up, the phone rings again. It's Tenax again! He has made up his mind. He's going with me to FC! WOOHOO! What a road trip this will be! Now if I can just convince dabber or maybe furrysparkles to go. OMFG! Too much furry goodness. Right now we will have 8 people, 4 beds, and 2 connecting rooms. Of those 8 people, 5 are fursuiters. We will also have to divide into yiff and non-yiff sections. *LOL* FC should be incredible! 5 nights of furry frenzy!
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