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Toto! I Don't Think We're in New Mexico Anymore!

We be in Kansas! Hutchinson, Kansas to be exact. We decided to stop here for the night before continuing to Chicago tomorrow. In previous years I have stopped in Wichita, but it was pushing it a bit. Hutchinson was just right. It had just got dark and we were both starting to get tired. Why rush it?

The most sobering moment of the day was driving through Greensburg, Kansas. This was the small town that was literally wiped off the map back in May by an F5 tornado. Holy shit! What looked like open field was actually where the town once stood. Some businesses are still standing, but they are gutted. Look at the pic on the Wikipedia site that was taken 2 weeks after the disaster. The only other time I have seen comparable devastation was back in 1984 when I drove through Barneveld, Wisconsin less than a week after it was wiped off the map by another F5 tornado. It is a very humbling experience. In both cases I think the most startling image are the trees which are left standing like skeletons on the landscape.

Hope to see all of you that are going to MFF in less than a week. And to those that are not going, I hope to see you in a couple of months at FC.
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