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I love spending time in Chicago. It's the home to my peeps! Chicago had (perhaps still has) the largest Polish population outside of Warsaw. Of course my hometown has now gone 90% Mexican, but there are still places close by that cater to the Polish/Czech community that once thrived here. For the past 2 nights I have gorged myself on tasty treats from eastern Europe. Last night it was veal in a paprika sauce with spaztel. Tonight it was pork tenderloin. Both nights there was lots of sweet-and-sour cabbage and kolach for dessert. I washed it all down with Czech beer. Ahhhh! I be a happy bear! Hopefully I will hit up a sausage store next week after the con to take a few pounds back with me to NM.

In other news Kitty and I hit up Brookfield Zoo today. Tuesday is free day! Note: If you're going to be visiting the zoo before or after MFF, it's better to use the south entrance and find parking on the street. They are working on the street just outside of the park, but you might be able to find something a block down. Just check the signs to make sure it's legal. I say that because parking alone is $8! We only parked inside because we brought my mom along. The zoo was wonderful! The weather was absolutely gorgeous! I'll post some pics soon, I hope. There is a baby polar bear that was just incredible to watch. The sloth bears were having a nice play fight as well. The cats were being lazy as usual.

I have also been doing a little trainspotting while Kitty does her workout at the gym. I know this was mentioned somewhere in a "furry foamers" forum, but I spotted a pretty funny reporting mark on a leased engine. Most railroad engines are owned by the railroad, but there are companies that buy older units and lease them out to the big rail lines when they need extra power. I don't know the company, but their letters are FURX. *lol* A furry engine! Too bad it was too dark for me to snag a pic.

PS We're off to the MFF hotel tomorrow afternoon!

EDIT: FURX = First Union Rail
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